Liu Yandong , who is the CPC Central Committee and State Councillor concluded a two-day trip to Hong Kong recently and attended the Bo’ao Youth Forum 2009 reception before her flight back to the Mainland, meeting a group of young community leaders and youth representatives of Hong Kong. She gave a speech entitled “The era of opportunities, and jointly promote the cause of national rejuvenation”. At the reception, she said that “the State Council recently adopted the reform and development program for the Pearl River Delta, which intends to make the Pearl River Delta an important pole of China’s future economic growth. The Chinese 12th five-year plan of State is being developed.

 It is estimated that the plan will have a part of Hong Kong and Macao for national modernization. Hong Kong should seize the rare opportunity to catch “the express train” of the motherland’s development, and make new contribution. ” Madam Liu made a very important point that Hong Kong should participate in the 12th five-year plan of our country. It is not only words of advice ,but also an alarm call.

        The preparation work of the 12th five-year plan of State has been started and most government ministries are involved. The plan will set the national social development and economic framework in the coming five years. So the 12th five-year plan of State is of great significance. It is anticipated that during the coming five years(2011-2015) the CPC’s 18th National Congress will be held and the plan implemented.

        The 12th five-year plan not only will review the previous five-year plan, namely the 11th five-year plan of State, but also develop the right strategy and recommend appropriate measures and policies. The major issues that need to be addressed involve at least five areas, including: (1) domestic and international environment for development, (2) industry structure change, (3) urban and rural area development, (4) further opening up of the economy , (5) people’s livelihood,(6) resources and environment protection. All these issues are directly related to China under 12th five-year plan to implement a comprehensive well-off society and has a great bearing on future development. The formulation process of the coming 12th five-year plan is necessary to listen to the voice of the people including views from Hong Kong. We should organize seminars and forum to collect opinions of the concerned organizations and individuals, so that the HKSAR may make due contribution to the 12th five-year plan of State.

        Since the Mainland’s re-opening doors in 1979, Hong Kong has regained its traditional role as an entrepot and begun integration with the Mainland economy. Especially in the last few years, CEPA has been speeding up the convergence process. Hong Kong should keep up with the pace of the mainland’s economic and social development. Hong Kong is affected by the overall economic policies of China. Therefore, Hong Kong should actively participate in the 12th five-year plan of State. It is no good to sit on the sideline and doing nothing.

        In the 11th five-year plan of State had a part of Hong Kong. It is supposed to support development of Hong Kong’s financial services, tourism, information services, and to maintain Hong Kong’s international financial, trade and shipping center. We should at least do some “stock taking” of these promises and find out the “results” in order to move forward. In addition, we should set what we can do to support the nation’s 12th five-year plan. The Central Policy Unit of the HKSAR Government has already initiated projects to make related proposal. The major bureaus and Secretaries should also put forward their ideas on how to participate in the 12th five-year plan of State.

        We should also took into industries that can match the development of related industries in the future country. Hong Kong SAR Government should as soon as possible participate in national development planning and work out the mechanism that is needed for Hong Kong to contribute in the 12th five-year plan. In this regard, the Chief Executive definitely has a role to play.